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Know about change in Company’s Name

The name of a Limited Company can be changed anytime with the approval of statutory authorities. Name is a brand for the company. It not only recognizes a company differently from its competitors but also serves the purpose of brand promotion. Hence, it is pertinent that an appropriate name for the company be chosen.

Documents Required for Changing the Company’s Name

  1. Name of the company which is desirable
  2. Digital Signature Certificate of any directo

Procedure for Changing the Company's name

  1. Fill a simple checklist
  2. Submit the documents
  3. Documents are verified
  4. Preparation of Board Resolution and Minutes
  5. Preparation of EGM Resolution and Minutes
  6. Altering the MOA
  7. Filing Form MGT-14
  8. Filing Form INC- 24
  9. Challan payment
  10. Acknowledgement generation
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Change the Company’s Name

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