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Know about change in Director of the Company

Board of Directors are in charge of management of the Company. They are the ones who make strategic and operational decisions for the company.

Change in Directors of the company can be either of the following:

  • Appointment of Director
  • Resignation of Director
  • Removal of Director
  • Change in designation of the existing director

Any type of change requires reporting to be made to the Ministry of Corporate  Affairs in Form DIR-12

Documents Required for Change in Director

  1.   PAN of the Director (Self Attested)
  2. Aadhaar/ Passport of the Director (Self Attested)
  3. Photograph of the Director
  4. Email ID and Phone Number

Procedure for Change in Director

  1. Submission of documents
  2. Verification of documents
  3. Application for Digital Signature Certificate (for appointment)
  4. Application for DIN (for appointment)
  5. Preparing necessary resolutions and documents
  6. Preparing and filing DIR-12 for appointment
  7. Challan payment
  8. Acknowledgement generation
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Change in Directors

Change in Directors of a Company in India made simple by Advisorate