Accounting and Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Outsource your payroll to Advisorate at an monthly package of

INR 2999/- Only

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What is Payroll ?

Payroll is the list of employees that are entitled to receive payment from the company. Payroll Sheets are the workings and calculations for each employee in terms of salaries, bonuses, taxes such as PF, ESI etc. Payroll processing is a complex task as most of the startups and small businesses are not well equipped with dedicated HR management system. Payroll and HR Management are very important as it directly impacts the employees of any organization. Also, there are number of labour laws and tax implications linked with the payroll. Hence, well-designed and robust Payroll processing and HR Management system is inherent for the success of an organization.

At Advisorate, we lay particular emphasis on Payroll Management. You can easily outsource these to our team of professionals for a best in class and hassle-free experience.

Pricing Plan

Procedure for Payroll Services

  1. Submission of documents
  2. Verification of documents
  3. Procession of payroll
  4. Generation of reports
  5. Payroll processed

Payroll Services that we Offer?

  1. Processing monthly salaries, reimbursements and arrears
  2. Providing timely consolidated reports
  3. Processing payroll based on statutory requirements
  4. Preparing worksheets for payable days, leave encashments, investments, deductions, tax working etc.
  5. Issuance of pay slips
  6. Maintaining salary registers
  7. Calculation contribution of employees to pension or other funds
  8. Preparing PF, ESI and TDS reports
  9. PF, ESI and TDS Return filing
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Payroll Services

Payroll made simple by Advisorate