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What is TDS?

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) is a master class provision under the Income Tax Act, 1961. In a layman language, TDS is the tax which needs to deducted the instant income is earned by the assessee (deductee). It is a prepayment of tax by the deductor on behalf of the deductee and deposited with the government. 
As per this concept, if the payment is exceeding prescribed threshold limit, the company or person making payment (deductor) is liable to deduct TDS before making such payment to the deductee. This provision of prepayment of tax was introduced by the government to curb the practices of tax evasion by the assessee and also to help the government in tracking down the actual income earned by the assessee.

What is TDS Return Filing?

A person liable to deduct TDS is required to file quarterly TDS Returns with the government. This statement holds the data of each and every person whose TDS has been deducted by the deductor in a quarter.

Documents Required for TDS Return filing

  1. TAN Number
  2. Details of payment and deductions made
  3. TDS Challan

How to File TDS Return

  1. Receipt of documents
  2. Preparing the worksheets
  3. Reconciling the data
  4. Preparing the TDS Return
  5. Filing the Return
  6. Generation of acknowledgement

due dates for TDS return filing

Types of TDS Return Forms

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